Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Party steaks

Persistently reading literature about the almighty and almost immortal [1] green fluorescent protein while simultaneously stumbling across the idea of making party jelly with fluorescein initiated another Mike-patented string of random thoughts. And in the end I saw it as clear as the back of my head: I'll have to breed transgenic GFP-cows (or pigs) to provide the ideal meat for black-light BBQ parties [2]. I already visualise a whole series of products available as GPF, YFP, CFP or dsRed variants.

In case I can't find a market in Europe, I'm quite sure the Japanese culture would be suitable to create a hype for my ingenious «invention».

[1]GFP resists temperatures up to 90°C and ignores proteases.
[2] Well, maybe not BBQ as the temperature shouldn't rise above 90°C, but the meat would certainly be suitable for poached dishes such as Tafelspitz. That would be a freaky Christmas dinner.

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