Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My primers are delayed

First, they've been in quality control for ages and now one of my twelve primers needs to be resynthesised («Germany efficiency», pfff). I haven't even started my work properly and I'm already behind my imaginary schedule.

Change of topic: One of my core modules this year is «Biochemistry of Health and Disease», which includes a lot of lectures about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer biology. To utterly confuse students (exactly my category), the course was split into two half course units allowing folks other than me to attend either section of the module. This leads to a peculiar timetable, having cancer biology only on Thursdays and Fridays and CVD during the rest of the week. The in-course assessment includes a MCQ exam on next week's Friday. «Overly» enthusiastic as I am, I started revising two days ago (also trying to catch up with the lectures I missed during my time in the States and Germany), not realising that this test only embraces the cancer biology stuff. «Great», at least I won't have to revise platelet coagulation for my finals any more.

On another issue: I read on Po-eight's blog (german) that the Pope has been reminding scientist to be more open for the «non-provable» truth and embrace both faith and evidence, while working. I totally agree with Po8 on this point; I wish there would be more folks like Richard Dawkins around pointing out how ridiculous the whole church business is. In case you haven't seen Richard Dawkins' last masterpiece of amusement yet, I strongly recommend you check it out on

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