Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm in Germany!

First of all, (the interviews in) Cold Spring Harbor has been absolutely awesome. I had eleven one-on-one conversations with bright minds ala Jim Watson, Gregory Hannon, Nicholas Tonks, Leemor Joshua-Tor and many more. I think the best part was this morning (well NY morning) when Dr Watson took me and Ralph (college from UCL) on a tour across the campus and even into his house, showing us his art collection and talking about the near future of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He is certainly a very interesting character and surprisingly fit for his 79 years. Did you know he played tennis since he was four?

This morning (NY night?), I reached Frankfurt and merely and hour ago I arrived at a hotel near EMBL Heidelberg. I'm slowly but steadily turning into a globe trotter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cold Spring Harbor was Billy Joel's first album, and he sounded like he hadn't hit puberty yet! Your acceptance is another example of what is wrong with the American liberal educational system, let an average student from Austria in and deny an intelligent American the opportunity. I should have taken up bodybuilding and immigrated to the Austria. A limo? Hah! You have sold your soul Mikey!

1:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck!
Just a tip on research in Germany: EMBL is probably okay, but if you have also applied at an MPI, make sure to ask (and ask VERY clearly and make the explicit distinction) whether they offer a 'PhD position' or a scholarship (i.e. sligtly less money, no social security, no payments toward retirement and you have to pay your health insurance yourself). The MPIs have a nasty habit of putting foreigners on scholarships, EU anti-discrimination laws notwithstanding. You might have quite good leverage if you ask right away for aposition, though.
So, all the best!

8:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the second commenter again: Does the first commenter know you and is that 'average' some sort of inside joke between you two, or is he/she just being an asshole?

In letzterem Fall soll er in den Gatsch hupfen, wuerde ich sagen. ;-)
Anyway it;'s high time to introduce 'Jump into the mud and make a wave' into the English language.

9:15 am  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for the info, if I get an offer I'll sort it out straight away.

Oh and the anonymous #1 is once again messing with me; old old old old old (yeah, he's really old) compadre. If I'd have to sell something as imaginary as my soul to get into CSHL, well guess the answer Tommy.

[x] fuer mehr ein-ge-englischte Phrasen!

11:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God said all sins could be forgiven except sins against the Holy Spirit. Deny the soul and sounds like you are on your way.

8:07 pm  

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