Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mobile phone dependency

I planned a small reunion night out with my friends before I fly back to London today. I arranged place and time to meet. Now one bad thing about all my mobiles is that they are pay-as-you-go phones, which is usually a pain in the ass, but the cheapest way of maintaining one UK and one Austrian number. Consequently, this means that I regularly run out of credit [1] and have to top up the damn thing. Actually no biggie, because nowadays one can do this directly at cash-machines by punching numbers.

However, on my way to Vienna I placed my mobile in the middle console of the car, because I hate fumbling the phone out of my pocket while driving [2]. Naturally, I forgot the cursed thing in the car when I used the «tube» [3] to get to the centre. At the meeting point, I realised my forgetfulness and had two problems: my friends weren't there yet and they couldn't call me. Thus, I decided to go back to the car and to fetch the mobile. Now, having a phone without credits and 8 missed calls is another problem - how to call back [4]? Fortunately, people kept calling me, so I had a chance to explain myself and why the hell I was half an hour late [5].

[1] Those text-messages to the US are bloody expensive.
[2] Having calls without a handsfree-set is illegal anyway - hah, I'm a badass outlaw.
[3] Austrian underground (U-Bahn), cheaper, smaller but quicker, more reliable and one can stand upright.
[4] Yepp, I wanted to top it up at the meeting point, outside a Bank.
[5] It's obeying Murphy's law that the underground train is always late when you need it the most.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

...but at least the British bathe before getting on the underground, have you been to Donauinsel lately? Yuck, almost as bad as Prater. Being at Donauinsel and Floridsdorf, (and the associate smell) was like being at a 24/7 trailer park, just add 2 tons of dust! Tell me, why is it that Austrians hate A/C and bathing?

3:07 pm  
Blogger Po8 said...

I always wonder how we managed to meet before the age of mobile phones. Were we more reliable? Did we use our empathy?
Thanks to my Alzheimer, I forgot this aera in a glance.

6:14 pm  

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