Thursday, December 21, 2006

My trip home

I actually wanted to write about my small Odyssey from London to Munich. However, the apparent lack of an internet connection of my brother's place impeded my plan.

Anyhow, once again the Stansted Express was replaced by a bus service. I completely disagree with the concept of not telling the customer before the ticket purchase about the replacement service. I don't like spending 15 quid for a short train journey either, but at least it guarantees some punctuality.

Stansted Airport decided to check shoes for dangerous items. Although I like cheese, the area around the x-ray machine certainly overexcited my olfactory senses. They also hat a «small» water bottle collection at the first security check point.

I hate the RyanAir Boeing 747 seats. They make me hunch and I always feel as if a whole football team ran over my back after the flight, besides that those seats make it impossible for people taller than 5'8" to sleep at all.

The rest of my trip was fine. I finally arrived at home yesterday after 3 days of extensive Christmas shopping in Munich.



Blogger Ψ*Ψ said...

I'm pretty short. The problem I have with seats when I'm flying is that only the top of my head reaches the headrest. Very uncomfortable for the neck.

4:02 am  
Blogger Mike said...

The headrest is the whole problem. I wonder why engineers don't design flexible ones, as one finds them in trains. The mechanism to put the seat in a backward position is always broken as well... at least it's kinda cheap.

11:08 am  

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