Friday, December 15, 2006

They violated the showers

And ruined one of my favourite thinking spots (sob, nag). Yes, they were leaky and needed refurbishment, however, the way it was done very much reflects a British idiosyncrasy: «If something is broken, don't try to fix it and chuck a new layer on top». According to one of our maintenance guys here in my halls, the water was leaking into the wall and down into the ceiling. I always thought that those brown water marks on the walls were a crucial part of English design and architecture - how much was I mistaken. Following their motto, the builders just glued another layer of plasterboard onto the leaky surface and laid new tiles on top, making the shower cubicles even narrower [1].

So far, nothing bad happened, but then they reduced the water pressure. Before the showers were strong and had power (!) [2], now I feels more like someone peeing on my back. Well, at least the water is still hot, so what am I complaining about? Yet, I'm still a naggin' Austrian with the right to do so.

[1] Dropped soap stays on the floor until you leave the shower.
[2] Try to imagine Tim Allen grunting.



Blogger paul said...

Dropped soap stays on the floor until you leave the shower.

No...dropped soap stays on the floor until everyone else leaves the shower!

5:54 am  
Blogger Mike said...

haha. oh well, thanks god with have the luxury of bathrooms which only hold one shower. But, your concept applied during army time, when 72 were guys queuing up for 3 working showers after sports. You never know what the other 71 guys think …

9:46 am  

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