Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

What a day, including: family dramas [1], hardcore cooking [2], awesome presents [3] and eventually loads of fun [4].

[1] As soon as my control-freak granny is around my uncle and mother go frenzy. The result is typically a granny leaving in a huff and parboiled mum. And Mike collecting pieces.

[2] Starting at 10am to get a Tafelspitz with red cabbage, roasted potatoes and apple horseradish sauce done at 6pm. A nagging granny scurrying around, knowing everything better.

[3] AKG K141 headphones, my suit and some green notes.

[4] Playing golf and baseball on my cousin's new Nintendo Wii for more than two hours. It's unbelievable how intriguing the new game pad principle is.



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