Thursday, November 30, 2006

James Bond and a homeopathy trial

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to see the newest James Bond movie, Casino Royal. Without spoilers: it's stuffed with amusing phrases and word-games all related to the older parts. Every time I thought the film was actually over another turn in the plot elongated it by an extra half hour. I enjoyed it very much, though a lot of «Bond pundits» criticise that Daniel Craig isn't suitable due to his blond hair and blue eyes - I don't. Casino Royal is probably the first of its kind where you see the british agent being not perfect and sleek, an unpolished diamond.

The Disgruntled Chemist has launched a self-trial for «Dr Frank's No Pain Spray» - a homeopathic spray which allegedly cures all chronic joint pain and even more - on his newest blog The No Pain Challenge. So far, it was quite amusing to read, possibly because homeopathy has always been a very polarised and controversial topic. There are two factions: the adherents and the severe critics, making it easy to write appealing for a least one of them (obviously, I'm part of the latter).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new Bond also. He seems more...human?

11:37 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Yes, but his muscles are inhumanly inflated compared to Layer Cake. I need to work out more.

12:08 pm  

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