Monday, November 27, 2006

Do you remember your first speech?

I do, and I just had a shower. As usual I come across random thoughts when I have nothing else to entertain myself (who doesn't?). Anyway, my first speech was about the book «Der Räuber Hotzenplotz» by Christine Nöstlinger, an Austrian children's book author. It's about an evil robber who does a lot of despicable things and, needless to say, encounters justice through our heros Kasperl and Seppi (if I recall their names correctly). The thought about the book made me smirk.

If you now wonder why I started thinking about my youth, try to follow my chain of thoughts in bullet-points:

  • Personal statements
  • Would be awful if I had to write them in German
  • Uhhh especially in past tense, writing about myself, bad bad bad
  • Hmm «myself»,«I»
  • I remember a poorly delivered speech where the speaker was refering to the book's protagonist as «I»
  • Hey speeches... hmmm

For any possible awards of randomness, please contact my PA.

Update: Oh I forgot, you gotta watch this. Was posted by a friend on Facebook quite recently.



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