Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cluster Rooms and Facebook

My internet was broken, so I got used to work in the library for the last couple of days. Since I don’t invite people to find my stuff before I lose it, I always have to sign out of the cluster PC and grab my things, whenever I feel the urge to replenish my caffeine supply or go to the toilet. Of course, the computer I’ve been using before is then occupied and the search for free places starts. One thing which eventually becomes blatantly obvious: most people don’t have anything else to do than using facebook in a university cluster room! To be precise, roughly 72 people queue up for roughly 50 PCs to use facebook or MSN.

I have to admit that I like facebook as well and it’s a lot of fun browsing through friends’ picture collections searching for especially bad shots of other persons … hmm … nope that’s my collection, sorry – where was I? Oh yeah: go to hell facebook users, this is a goddamn university library, no playground!

Soon the biggest work force waster after smoking and coffee breaks will be facebook usage.



Anonymous brian said...

So do you think libraries should block facebook? The shift in library culture as been toward allowing students to fulfill academic as well as social needs.

8:13 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

I'm not saying this, neither do I condemn the usage in general. I merely think it's inappropriate to block terminals in the library rush hours to browse through hundreds of pictures, while other students actually have to do work! Of course you wouldn't know that and they might be just waiting to check their facebook as well... Maybe this entry just reflects a part of my egocentric nature and I'm just upset because I had to wait.

9:16 pm  

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