Monday, November 20, 2006

Control a Woman?

Yes, shopping sometimes is fun, especially when you walk into one of those fun-article stores in the Plaza on Oxford Street. A picture says more than a thousand words:

My favourite button is «hurry up». The operation instructions are unfortunately somewhat vague. Well, who could claim that he understands all women anyway? (In case you are female and don't think this is funny wait for «control a men».)

There was a half-price poster sale (the one I was missing at the fresher's fayre) where I acquired1 two lovely specimens. Now I need to find a proper place on my wall.

1«acquired» meaning that Pete paid for them and he refused to take any money from me. Maybe I can make him pay my gym-bill after christmas? I'll have to fathom the limits of his generosity.



Anonymous Lynnea said...

Hey, this poster is great, isn't it? I'm just looking at mine (it's hanging on the wall right over my computer and desk) and thinking about what to choose for the next party...
It was a present from my sister when I moved to my new flat (rather a good idea since I study chemistry ;) ).
Which one is your favourite on the poster?

9:46 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

It's hanging above my bed now. I haven't thought about a special favourite yet, but if I had to decide spontaneously I'd choose the "Blue Velvet" because the movie completely disturbed one of my close friends - I think her words were "I'd rather watch porn".

What's yours?

11:58 pm  

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