Sunday, November 19, 2006


Since my significant other wouldn't post any funny things she encounters, I'll do it (infringing all possible copyrights and ignoring the harzard of having to experience a lobotomy for this one day). Alex forwarded the following email to me approximately a month ago. Study hard, party hard!


Thanks to all who came out last night, a good time was had by all. As for our apartment ... let's just say I'm afraid to walk around without shoes on yet, haha. Oh, and we are completely out of anything even resembling alcohol. Good work. And it turns out Mitchell's really isn't that bad of a bar, might be worth hitting up again.

I have yet to leave the apartment today; not for lack of energy or sobriety, but motivation. I woke up and realized the weather was not encouraging. Then I walked out into the living room and kitchen, saw the aftermath of the carnage that was last night, and decided that I should just go back to bed. Hope everyone that actually made it to Scaife enjoyed a day full of proteins.

In attempting to clean up the living room today, I found a lanyard and keys under the couch. If they are your's, just email or call me and I'll be sure you get them back to you.

Once again, thanks for coming out!

I forgot to ask a couple of questions I had for you all ...

  1. Who the hell ate my fudge-cicles?
  2. Who the hell ate my hot pockets?
  3. Who was drinking out of the cats' water dish?

I'm especially concerned about that last person.



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