Friday, September 29, 2006

This year's Freshers' Fayre...

... stunk compared to my first year. After making my way three (!) times through boiling rooms and a stinking crowd my whole prey added up to two condoms, some tiny chocolate pieces, one Werthers Orignial bonbon (yummy), some rosehip tea-bags, a box of instant drinking chocolate, a can of Rebull [yeah, at least some (Austrian) quality], two non-operational plastic pens and of course hundreds of flyers. What the hell happened to all the free mugs, t-shirts, massive condom distribution and the giant poster sale?

South cloisters near the exit

Doggy advertising slogan at the Barclays stand: "Just give me your name and address and we sign you up for this new student credit card" - dude, wrong sentence to appear trustworthy.

Finally, I had probably signed up for 5 or 6 societies. Which ones I can't remember, adds some thrill to the matutinal email-checking ritual.

The prey



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