Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seriously, I didn't mean to hit you ...

Picture this: It's the first school day of my final highschool year and seats are allocated in the classroom. I choose a place right next to my friends, but unfortunately the seat to my right remains empty and a complete dork called Joachim considers himself worthy sitting there. One has to mention that Joachim is probably the biggest retard I've ever known and I simply can't stand ugly thickos. To round up the package of idiotism this guy has the weirdest political oppinion and shows no hesitation sharing his thoughts with everyone else talking straight out of his arse.

To make him regret and reconsider his choice I want to give him a sharp knock onto his forehead with my knuckles. However, when I trie to do so, I suddenly feel a flashing pain and jolt up in my pitch-black room's bed, utterly confused. Switching on the light I realise it was just a dream. Nevertheless, I've punched my bedside-table that hard, that some skin was scraped off on the furniture's edge.

Seriously, I didn't mean to hit you bedside table.

Träume sind also doch nicht nur Schäume!



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