Saturday, September 23, 2006

Movie corner: The Perfume

Roughly 10 years ago in grammar school, I heard about the book by Patrick Süskind. Two of my class mates had to hold a speech in our German lesson. Although the speech wasn't very well prepared the story seemed interesting and a couple of years later I eventually had the chance to read the book (this time my sister being instructed to create a presentation). Funnily enough the book belonged to my sister's teacher and was full of dog-ears and paperclips to mark important passages. Make the long story short: the book is amazing and definitely worth reading.

Difficulties in transforming books into movies always arise due to the pure length of the storyline. I have to admit that the director Tom Tykwer did a fantastic job. The movie is only slightly prosy and the environment is genuine. The trickiest scene - the orgy on the market place - was extremely well made.

Thumbs up for "Perfume: the story of a murderer".



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