Monday, September 11, 2006

A "tribute" to Harry Potter

I'm sitting on a sandy shore
the evening wind - a coolish breeze.
who cares a fuck 'bout Dumbledore
nor why he died or who he is.

Will, the greatest bard of Stratford,
would now turn over in his grave,
well futile would be ev'ry effort
describing "Potter-Hype" behave.

So listen closely to my wise advice
Snatch off the podium this Potter
discern the pimply boy disguised
and throw him in the utter gutter.

To go, where no man's gone before.
Please, Harry, follow Dumbledore!

Unfortunately, I cannot recall the source of this lovely poem.

Update: More than a month later, I found the source: po8, who posted the poem more than a year ago somewhere else. Seems like it had a long journey across the www.



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