Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yeah, London's Weather is horrible ...

... but does weather.co.uk need to rub it in our face?


Monday, May 22, 2006

Graduate Record Examinations - I'm so screwed

Besides my business course (with the fantastic name of "evaluation and planning of business opportunities in bio-processing and life sciences") all the finals exam were quite straightforward and "easy" (God if you protect me of Vicky's and Aurora's wrath I'll believe, I promise...).

From the day on I wrote my "metabolic processes" exam I decided to hate essay type questions. Writing more than 20 pages within 2 1/2 hours was simply too much for my "tender" hands.

Since my second year is finished now, I try to enjoy my regained freedom: punish the liver. On the other hand, some less useful things are on my agenda: GRE for PhD applications. Funnily enough, I won't encounter problems with the allegedly harder subject related GREs, but with the general test.

Example - Analogies:
(A) barefaced : shame
(B) mealymouthed : talent
(C) heartbroken : emotion
(D) levelheaded : resolve
(E) singlehanded : ambition

The difficulty of this question probably derives primarily from the complexity of the relationship between headlong and forethought rather than from any inherent difficulty in the words. Analysis of the relationship between headlong and forethought reveals the following: an action or behavior that is headlong is one that lacks forethought. Only answer choice (A) displays the same relationship between its two terms.

Can someone please shoot me? I didn't even know the meaning of those two words! It's getting worse:

Example - Antonyms:
(A) deprived of freedom
(B) deprived of comfort
(C) lacking space
(D) lacking stability
(E) lacking diversity

Multifarious means having or occurring in great variety, so the best answer is (E). Even if you are not entirely familiar with the meaning of multifarious, it is possible to use the clue provided by “multi-” to help find the right answer to this question.

Why can't there be an easy way?

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