Sunday, October 05, 2008

And before you know it, the day is gone

I believe today (yesterday) was my most lethargic Saturday ever! Now that my girlfriend is on a four-month secondment at distant shores, I suddenly have plenty of time at my hands. Today (yesterday) proves that this isn't necessarily a good thing: I'm falling back into my lazy youth habits - I started playing computer games again. Oh sheesh, after finishing Oblivion last week, I've spent the whole day downloading and installing modifications via my friendly neighbour's internet connection [1].

My whole plans for swimming and having a movie night went down the procrastination drain. At least I managed to cook dinner, though I have to admit the fridge is craving for food.

Well, this is my low, it can only get better tomorrow (today?).

[1] Yepp you guessed it, a hijacked unsecured WLAN. Who can hold that against me? I haven't had internet at home since the big move on the 5th of September.



Anonymous Albert said...

You could have called me to have a pint! ;)

10:23 am  
Blogger Mike said...

Uhm yeah, I completely forgot...

12:48 pm  

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