Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You know it's Christmas when...

... your family is about to kill each other. My charming little sister has already successfully driven my gran to tears, which was concluded with the usual talk about «not comming any more», «drive me to the train station» and a slamming door.

Bleedin' Christ, even I am targeted. Not sure why, but mom doesn't seem to be in the best mood. Possibly as I preferred to stay in bed for an extra half hour, after my brother's cursed ringing phone woke me in the early hours of the day. Evasive strategy number one is camping it out in the basement with a good cup of coffee and a little blog entry. Hmm, I can still hear the shouting.

An interesting day is to come. At least I have presents for everybody. Ohh, my I am being called, better leave.



Blogger Po8 said...

Good to see, that different families deal with similar problems ;-)

9:59 am  

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