Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Wednesday night

Contemplating the day: I'm fed up with GRE revision. So far I listed roughly 350 vocabularies used at the time of King Arthur, just to achieve a better mark on this damn verbal section. When I consider the ridiculous time of 0.789 minutes available per question for a total of 38, including two reading comprehensions, I just feel the sudden urge to move to the US, start the bank account with the rifle and shoot the inventors of this condemned idiocy. It very much describes the American way of evaluating performances: rather than assessing the person's real skill, it favours those who invested hours and hours revising and learning by heart. In addition, it gives a rat's ass about non-natives!

Research projects are still not allocated, I read couple of 1989 science HIV Zidovudine resistance papers, the EMBL Heidelberg application made me miss a dear friend's birthday party and finally my girlfriend almost chopped off her finger at the attempt to cook dinner (The irony: she didn't cut herself in the whole anatomy course during the past 6 weeks). I call that a day; back to GRE...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The GRE really is awful. Sorry to hear you have to go through it as well.

1:43 am  

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