Saturday, October 07, 2006

Definitely worth seeing

Why Intelligent Design is Stupid
Tuesday 10 October 2006
Professor Steve Jones - UCL Biology
Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, 1.15pm to 1.55pm

I wear glasses. My eye lens has become stiff and no longer focuses well. That's life, or a hint of impending death, for in the days of nuts, berries, and sabre-toothed tigers I would have starved or been eaten by now. Evolution cares only about the next generation; I am too old to pass on genes, and my eyesight is hence of no interest to Darwin's machine. I have nobody to blame - but what about advocates of Intelligent Design, the notion that the eye is so complicated that it needed a Designer to do the job? Some wear spectacles. Do they never have doubts about their astral engineer, who could give them a BMW of an organ rather than an Austin Allegro? I will show why theirs is the argument from ignorance, idleness and incuriosity - and why evolution is a far better theory.

Sounds like it's going to be an interesting lecture, pepped up with the usual sophisticated Steve Jones humour and his quirky appearance. Hence, everyone who's near or at UCL and reads my (sometimes rather confused) weblog statements, come and enjoy the lunch hour lecture.

By the way: This post is presented to you by 100% chlorine free bleached electrons. (Hmm, in many cases this assumption is already out of date, but I browsed through my random stuff.txt again)



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