Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to waste an afternoon reading gossip

Only minutes before dinner Alex told me gossip from investment banking circles. Apparently, a guy called Aleksey Vayner had the boldness to send an eleven (!) page cover letter to UBS' IB central office in New York, including a tiny little link with tremendous consequences. Namely, a video about himself boasting about non-existing achievements and weird ideologies, more suitable for cult-meetings than investment-banking applications. The whole thing had a leak and the blogging culture went on tearing Aleksey into pieces.

Being an eager scientist I spent the last two hours (or so) browsing the web for more information about the dork, realising there are already 5 facebook "appreciation" groups and several blog/news sites reporting about Aleksey. Wow, such publicity within 4 days? Nevertheless, after squandering that much time I can proudly announce myself as Aleksey Vayner/Garber's fraud expert *ahem-ahem*.

One good thing about me wasting time in the vastness of internet: I discovered the IvyGate blog covering all kind of B.S. and gossip about some east coast Ivy League universities with a lot of subtle and less subtle humour.



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