Saturday, May 12, 2007

The European «Song» Contest

Despite my deep revision phase, I had to point out the following:

Serbia Hiro

Any similarities are pure coincidence and I of course fully approve of the European «Song» Contest - the British moderator was ace!

Save the cheerleader, save the world! Oh, Serbia won. And it's a woman [1], by the way.

[1] I think. The male moderator didn't kiss her.

Addendum: The only song I considered worthwile winning was Roger Cicero's «Frauen regier'n die Welt» (women rule the world), but I'm generally a fan of his music [2]. Apparently, there's an English album out as well, which I haven't listened to yet.

Roger Cicero

[2] Jazz and swing combined with an outstanding (German) voice. On the contrary to his Eurovision song, one of his other albums is called «Männersachen», which casually translated means «men's business».

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Blogger Despina said...

I'm rather upset by the fact that the Ukraine only came second...still, I'm content with the fact that the winner is consistent with the gender-bending theme...

poor old roger. I think the song was too much 'quality' to be appreciated by the masses of eastern europeans and turks apparently making up the bulk of voters (as a greek of course, I see conspiracies everywhere)

Eurovision is a perfectly legit excuse to avoid studying for at least three hours. But my brain turns into cheese after all those songs. I'm now listening to NIN to get back to normal (actually, thats a lie; just that i got their album yesterday and it's rather awesome)

3:59 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Ukraine tried to add some humour to this lousy competition. I thought they deserved their second place.

On a different note, it's always entertaining to anticipate the voting behaviour of some countries. Such as that cyprus will always dedicate their first votes to Greece (and vice versa if applicable) and that most German turks obviously vote for their home country. Austria obviously has a negative attitude towards Germany (thanks, post-war propaganda. Of course we were innocent!) and I haven't seen a Eurovision contest where we actually devoted ourselves to our northern cousins.

As I already implied, the song contest doesn't provide the kind of music I enjoy. By the way, the UK sucked.

5:00 pm  
Blogger Despina said...

I was hoping the UK would get zero points. grrr malta! At least here nobody bothers to endlessly analyze the results like it's a national security issue. The thing with Cyprus bugs me as well (though to be fair, they actually had a half-decent song this year, but didn't make it through)

Austria was not to blame? Oh puh-lease...the Viennese art school carries most of the blame :P (no, I'm joking really, i know more history than that)

5:59 pm  
Anonymous Godwael said...

Holy shit. But where's Ando? And isn't he supposed to stop the exploding man?

I really could care less if Roger Cicero explodes...

10:06 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Is he? Oh damn, seems like you've watched some of the new episodes. I'm still stuck at number 18.

"Zieh die Schuh aus, bringt den Müll raus, pass auf's Kind auf und dann räum hier auch..."

12:32 am  
Blogger Po8 said...

Quite interesting, though in German, are the statistics in wikipedia concerning this contest of "Meistersingers".

There - and this might be of interest for Austrians ;-) - the correlation between Austria and Serbia-Montenegro amounts up to 100%, as i.e. the correlation between Andorra and Spain also settles at this value.

Overall I consider this contest not really "European", since Turkey and Israel are participating, so why not call it "Ridiculous Contest of Countries liked to be mocked"?

9:36 pm  

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