Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I feel like a real nerdy scientist

... when I consider my scope regarding general GRE issue task topics. It's within my capabilities to summarise G-protein coupled receptors within 900 words, but I cannot write more than a mere 200 words about art critics. Judge yourself (this is absolutely genuine):

"Although, critics who write about the arts tend to deny the existence of any objective standards for evaluating works of art, they have a responsibility to establish standards by which works of art can be judged."

Art is subjective. What one person considers to be directly produced by devine intervention, another evaluates only good enough to be put on a toilet wall. I therefore agree with critics. The only estabilished standards applicable to classify arts, don't classify in good or bad art, but in genres; e.g. Money and van Gogh as expressionist or Salvador Dali as surrealist.

What can be judged objectively are techniques used, though even this can...AHHHHH, I FUCKING HATE ARTS!!!!

Let me extend my last statement: I fucking hate the GRE exam as well. Since the issue task is all about reasoning, let me underscore my argument with sufficient material: aberrant, abscond, aggrandize, ambiguous, ambrosial, anachronism, antediluvian, arbitrate, attenuate, audacious, aver, barefaced, blandishment, bombast, buttress, cadge, caprice, castigate, chicanery, complaisant, conflagration, corporeal, corroborate, craven, culpable, dearth, deference, depict, deprecation, depredation, descry, diatribe, diffident, disabuse, disparaging, dispassionate, dissemble, dogged, eclectic, emollient, encomium, enervate, engender, ephemera, equivocal, erudite, eulogy, exacerbate, exculpate, extant, fathom, fawn, feign, fervid, fervent, fledgling, florid, floundering, garrulous, gossamer, guile, guileless, hapless, headlong, iconoclast, impecunious, imperious, implication, improvidence, inchoate, incorrigible, indelible, ineffable, ingenuous, innocuous, insensible, insipid, insular, intransigent, irascible, leviathan, loquacious, lugubrious, magnanimity, malevolent, misnomer, misogynist, mitigate, nefarious, noisome, obdurate, obviate, occlude, ossified, panegyric, peccadillo, perfidious, petulant, placate, plethora, ponderous, pragmatic, precipice, prevaricate, prodigal, propitiate, Pulchritudinous, pusillanimous, quiescence, rarefy, reproof, rescind, sagacious, sanguine, sate, saturnine, savant, sedulous, specious, tacit, taciturn, temperate, tirade (diatribe), tortuous, tractable, turpitude, tyro, vacuous, venerate, verbose, vex, viscous, voracious, waver, wretched.

Memo to myself: be less vulgar.

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Blogger zandy said...

glad you're enjoying the GRE! Love you!

3:59 am  
Blogger Mike said...

Oh I love it, brings my focus back to things I'm actually good at.

10:33 am  

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