Monday, July 10, 2006

The "recent" days

Germany got kicked out, Italy is world-champion, "Zizou" plays bulldozer and I totally forgot about my blog (although I still have brilliant ideas while showering). My significant other is enjoying her time in Oxbridge, Verona, Pisa, ... hmm, I miss-planned my summer.

Currently, I prepare vast amount of buffers (>1 cubic meter) in turn of my internship at Sandoz (Novartis daughter) in Tyrol - "thrilling" work. I hate when human resources issue incorrect information: Allegedly, I should have worked in development of upscaling processes for the pilot plant.

Most of the time the weather is absolutely fabulous, though I managed to get completely wet in one of the summer thunderstorms on my way home. Funnily enough, one only gets caught in such down-pours, while transporting water-sensitive things. This time my birth-certificate and passport almost dissolved - Murphy's law...



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