Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 6 - a mystic date?

I am used to think about possible "thrilling" blog entries while doing other stuff like cooking or showering (some people also call me the "bathroom thinker"). The most amazing phrases and formulation come to my mind in those situations, but as soon as I sit in front of my laptop typing the entries everything is gone with the wind. Murphy's law?

Anyway, lets contemplate the mystic date of June 6, 2006. Many (some consider as being weird) will remember the biblical interpretation of 666 - the number of the beast. As an agnostic I don't even know whether a god exists, how can I be sure about the deuce? I never understood why a simple combination of numberics can symbolise something evil. (Yes Thomas, I'll burn in hell...)

June 6 is also the launch of an Omen remake and hundreds of other things happens as well, as Wikipedia states. However, historically much more important: it's my birthday, heheheh.

So either the anti-Christ is born and Armageddon is near, or I'll turn 22. I prefer the latter.


Blogger zandy said...

ha ha look at dis the beast will be turning 22! :P

2:35 pm  

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