Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home sweet home

After a long dry spell, I finally reached home (Austria). Marvelous food, a proper bed and absolute silence at night. I haven't slept that well for months.

Now, appropriate time management is key. To-Do List:

  • Granny's Birthday Party (I hope the tea will be appreciated)
  • Friends (though chunk)
  • Dad & Jakob (my little half-brother)
  • Beer (Murauer, Stiegl, Hirter)
  • Familiy
  • More beer (Ottakringer, Paulaner, Erdinger, ...)
  • Wine
  • More Wine
  • I think revision was also part of my plot
  • Chocolate for MIC's anonymous chocoholics (lets reveal their identities: Alex, Vicky, Aurora, Sara, Tara and Ellen - basically every girl around the TV room)



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