Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Dawn

Out of absolute boredom, a MSN conversation with Alex and my ingenious but utterly insane mind, I started my blogging career with a couple of mouse-clicks. Easy.

Apropos boredom: Actually, I should write three essays and two practical reports. Nevertheless, I am pissing around and cannot motivate myself - strange world, isn't it?

In the mentioned MSN chat, Alex created the word "hoit!" for hello (or whatever her twisted mind was thinking - my muse). Following her example, I created the "miketionary": source of endless un-knowledge and ignorance. The perfect way to spread my seed in the infinte vastnesses of the virtual world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the italians say, "Fantastico!" . . . Miketionary is a work that's fascinating and addictive...a towering work of reference containing more than 50,000 words of pure ignorance...I highly recommend it...;)

11:17 pm  

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